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TE contains quite a few good pictures.  Actually, it contains a lot of pictures, and quite a few are good (last count showed 152,000 pictures in the main gallery).  People can
only upload one picture a day, but that's still a lot of pictures to look at — I could get lost for days on this website.  At any rate, these are a few of my favorites...
These posted links are the ones of note I find from browsing TE...
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02 May 2010 18:53

08 October 2009 18:48

07 October 2009 07:45
maybe if we thing the shen valley is too crowded, but like the appalacians, we shld move some place similar.
although it can get cold there...
then we just maintain a summer home closer to the mediterranian.
it's also got waterfalls:

20 September 2009 13:25
near where Freeman's live:

11 September 2009 20:58


10 August 2009 17:59
make sure you mouse over the bttm one

Here then, are my favorites...

<das' cool>

<Whiskey Oscar Whiskey>
Lime Tree

<i'm absolutely agog>
Three Gorges I | Three Gorges II
40 mm (sunset)
By subject...

the footbridge
Available as well are the photos that I have posted on TrekEarth as johnnyfive. Don't expect too much hm?
j5 0506073.2052

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