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TE contains quite a few good pictures.  Actually, it contains a lot of pictures, and quite a few are good (last count showed 152,000 pictures in the main gallery).  People can
only upload one picture a day, but that's still a lot of pictures to look at — I could get lost for days on this website.  At any rate, these are a few of my favorites...
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02 September 2006 23:01
con-pickin-found it all, i have some more.
near wolf creek pass (colorado).
i'm going to weep for frustration
and here, i'll just give you an index page, i'm going to go bang my head against a wall.  or maybe wander over to expedia and book some tickets to denver or reno or british columbia or wyoming or nepal.  somewhere.

Here then, are my favorites...

<das' cool>

<Whiskey Oscar Whiskey>
Lime Tree

<i'm absolutely agog>
Three Gorges I | Three Gorges II
40 mm (sunset)
By subject...

the footbridge
Available as well are the photos that I have posted on TrekEarth as johnnyfive. Don't expect too much hm?
j5 0506073.2052

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