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26 November 2008 16:12
okay, maybe Harriot was onto something.  i still think of England as nothing more than a largish island that can't be all that big, right?  after all, it got so crowded that everybody had to go to the new world to spread out, right?  i's 95k sq miles.  just a hair over twice the size of virginia.  my mental image of 3 hours drive across was pretty far off, but even at twice the size of VA that's really not that big of an area.  but when I think about how much of VA I haven't visited...and how many pockets of astounding beauty it has...then i think it's about high time i paid the united kingdom of great britain and ireland a visit.  right after i visit peru.

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<das' cool>

<Whiskey Oscar Whiskey>
Lime Tree

<i'm absolutely agog>
Three Gorges I | Three Gorges II
40 mm (sunset)
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the footbridge
Available as well are the photos that I have posted on TrekEarth as johnnyfive. Don't expect too much hm?
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